February 5, 2013

Thank you!

It’s been too long since we posted an update!  Alan and I planned out our next 11 (yes we said 11!) blog post updates to let you know what has already happened in ministry, that you definitely will want to know, and of course some exciting upcoming things in the future as well.

Today we just want to say THANK YOU!

2012 was… a year of growth. Many of you know what I elude to, when I say growth. Growing is hard work. It stretches you and it often hurts. Growing means changing. Changing means something new. New can be stressful, difficult (if you’re not prepared for it), and even lonely. Growing is a part of the Christian walk. Trials are not something we can avoid, in fact in James they are assured to us. And we are to consider it pure joy when we are in a trial because that will grow our faith.  

I arrived in Vegas at the end of October praying for a time of rejuvenation. I am still so thankful to the Lord at how quickly he answered that prayer. Over and over again, I could see his small daily blessings through the many friendships and visits I had with so many of you.  Through conversations I could feel the Lord replenishing my soul and refreshing my spirit. So... Thank you.

Thank you for taking time from your busy days to spend time with our family.
Thank you for loving on and playing with our daughters.
Thank you for play dates.
Thank you for shopping trips.
Thank you for long walks in beautiful Mt. Zion.
Thank you for your encouragement.
Thank you for sushi!
Thank you for halloween costumes.
Thank you for the breakfasts, coffee trips, homemade dinners and lunches too!
Thank you for opening up your home to me on the many trips I made all over the states.
Thank you for caring for our girls.
Thank you for Disneyland!

Most importantly, thank you for believing in the work the Lord is doing through us at G.O. Thank you for encouraging us with your time, your sacrificial gifts, your love, and your energy. Thank you for the opportunities you gave us to share our ministry with others and invite them to be a part of what we are doing!

You mean the world to us. Every year we look forward to our time in the states to be with you, because you are family to us. We hold you so dear to our hearts and couldn’t imagine doing ministry any other way than by inviting so many of you to join alongside of us, and together, as a friend of mine in ministry says “storm the gates of Hell together.” Your constant encouragement sustains us. Thank you for loving us so well!

Here's some highlight pics from our time in the states:
Halloween with my dad and Liz. The girls had a blast as Strawberry Shortcake, and adore their grandma and grandpa!

Spending time with good friends, Brandon and Amy Gallup and Rebecca and Carmelo Herrero (not pictured) and of course eating some of my mom's incredible food!

A special visit with my best friend, Nikki. Words can't even describe how my soul needed time with her.

Being in Kentucky for ministry meetings and fundraising and visiting Wilson on his birthday at the Manias' home.

The gift of friendship with these ladies and a beautiful trip to Mt. Zion!

Spending Thanksgiving with family and sweet time with my grandparents. Being thankful for them is easy! 

My mom, who continually and sacrificially loves us and cares for us. What an incredible example of being a mother I have.

My dad, who has taught me so much and still continues to do so. I admire so much about him. And of course, his love for Amelia and Stella!

I Run for His Glory! It was awesome running with our running team in December at Hoover Dam. (Carmelo not pictured). Thank you to everyone who helped support our ministry!

These girls are wild about their Opa (verdict still out if they'll be wild about the Dodgers!)

Celebrating my mom's 50th birthday and Christmas in Disneyland with our family! What a special celebration it was!

Until October, my friends!
The Perez Family

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