August 27, 2011

An Invitation to Change a Life...

We want to introduce you to Yasmin.

She had my heart the moment I laid eyes on her. 

She is 16 months old and has the most beautiful blue/grey eyes. She doesn't smile often, but when I caught the smile on her lips and the twinkle in her eyes I had to choke back the tears.

She isn't like most 16 month old little girls. She was born with a hole in the roof of her mouth making it almost impossible for her to eat, drink, sometimes even breathe. She weighs a mere 11 pounds putting her in the 0% for her age.

The little food her mom is able to give her, often comes out her nose as she is choking and gagging. Little is retained. Because she is so weak, she cannot sit up on her own, walk or even crawl. She has no muscle mass, likened to an 11 pound sack of potatoes. 

There are other complications as well. She is severely anemic. She has fluid in her brain and in her lungs. She has not been given much longer to live. 

"There are nights," her mom tells me "I walk into her room, and look at her body lying there barely breathing and think, this is it, she has died." 

However, amidst all of this tragedy in her brief 16 months of life, there is much hope. An organization called Operation Smile, located in Santo Domingo has agreed to begin the preliminary evaluations to see if she qualifies for a cleft pallet surgery. If she qualifies, the surgery will be free.

We need your help. Aside from a free surgery, there will be many trips to Santo Domingo, over night stays in the capital city, medicine, and other essential costs that will occur outside of the surgery. We are asking you to pray and give sacrificially to help change this little girl's life. We need about $1000 for the additional costs. 

$1000 will radically change this little girl's life. Forever.

Yasmin and mom Carina

If you would like to give towards her medical care, please respond to this email and let Jackie know at what cost you would be willing to donate.

Checks can be made out directly to G.O. Ministries, Inc. and in the memo line please write "Perez/Yasmin medical care." Please mail them to our G.O. Office at:
11501 Plantside Drive, Suite 14
Louisville, KY 40299 

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