October 31, 2015

November Prayer Calendar

Check out our November prayer calendar. Thank you so much in advance for your partnership through prayer!

October 13, 2015


"Rejoice with those who rejoice; mourn with those who mourn." Romans 12:15

Several years ago I read a book called Life Together by Dietrich Bonhoeffer. I will admit, it was a hard read and took a lot of concentration. I would actually love to give it a second read! One of the parts that stood out to me the most, was only several pages into the book. The author made the point that Christian Community is something we must work for. We are actually there to add to the community, as opposed to be receivers of community. The beauty is in the giving of ourselves to the community that we receive much in return! It reminded me of so many times I have critiqued a church or ministry where I had perceived it to be lacking in community, because it did not meet my needs, essentially I wasn't receiving what I thought I was due. This book goes on to discuss the beauty when we work to foster a community that honors God and looks out to the interests of others. It also cautions us as believers to not take whatever form of community we have for granted and reminds us of the many brothers and sisters serving around the world in countries where they are being truly persecuted in terms of life and death for their faith in Christ. In certain parts of the world, they may be the only Christian they know. Community is not promised to us, it is a gift and must be thought of as so. We must care for this gift, nurture and pursue it, or we will lose it. 

This group of gals pictured above represent a small part of the larger GO Community we have the blessing to be a part of. These gals are the ones I work with day in and day out. We rejoice together and we mourn together. We know when one of us needs a hug, or prayer, or even chocolate :)

At the end of summer!

And this crazy group of people represent yet a larger but still small part of our GO family here on the island. I have found no matter the circumstances of the trials you face, when you journey into the deep waters with fellow believers it brings true comfort and peace that can only come from Christ. 

I am reminded today of the beautiful gift of friendship and community he has given us and the careful cultivation it requires. When we each fulfill our role in the body of Christ and use the gifts he has given us to minister to one another, we aren't just filled up- we are overflowing with his joy and gratitude. I am honored to journey through life with our GO Community!  

What kind of Christian Community are you involved in? Do you find that it takes work? How have you been blessed recently by pouring into your community?

For His glory,

October 5, 2015

What Does it Mean to be a Good Man, Part 2

In my last blog post, I talked about the journey that I have stared with one the 13-14 years old class from our discipleship program. We had decided, to learn from a biblical perspective, what does it mean to be a good man? In our first time together I taught them the number one thing to do to be a good man is to recognize our problem with sin, a problem that could separate us from God for eternity. 

This past week we got together again, and talked about the second thing that we have to do to become good men. I concluded that we needed someone to help us with our problem. We need a good man as a role model. To which they immediately reply, there are no good men; there are men with one, or two good qualities. But in these times nobody is good 100%. I answered you guys are almost right, and I totally understand where your answers are coming from. But in reality there was a good man. He was so good; that he did not considered self-good. (Luke 18:19).   He is so good. That he is he only one who can help us in our problem with sin. So the second thing to be a good man, is to learn from the only good man that had ever lived, Jesus, we are going to take Jesus as our role model to learn to be good men. We are inviting you to do the same.

-Alan Perez
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