September 2, 2014

The God of the "Extra-Ordinary" (Goodbye Summer Part II)

Summer, means "transition” for me. It is in this time of the year when I transition from my daily discipleship and teaching ministries, with our sports outreach to help facilitating the experiences of our visiting partnerships developing missions’ teams. And this means 12 to13 weeks of seeing God revealing to me personally though the many visiting team members or the variety of ministries that God give me the chance to partake, in ways that I just can call “Extra-ordinaries.”

One of the subjects that I have spent more time studying and trying to figure out in my short Christian life (I was baptized in 2007), is how “God” the creator of the universe, the only true God, chooses to use ordinary men and women to do extraordinary things.

During this last summer, in this time of transition, I have come to experience and understand something, that I pray and hope will be a new way of see life, “the extraordinary God, the only one that exist before there was anything else create, is trying to reveal to us, even in the most ordinary things of life”, and he is pursuing us in such a way that he became flesh for us. (John 3:16).

You see most of us want to experience God in such a way that is evident to everybody else. We want to experience God in super natural ways, such as miracles, healing, and events that could impact our life and ministries like never before.  But perhaps in this search we are losing sight of the amazing things that God is doing around us and though us, that we have come to call simple, or label as “ordinary”.

There is a Bible verse that is well known, “Philippians 4:13 says, that I can do everything, though him who gives strength.”  This is a truth that we ordinary people don’t fully understand sometimes. God is saying that when we decide to act according to “HIS” will and purpose, then there is nothing that he could not accomplish though us.

When we start to experience God even in the simplest thing in life, then ordinary things such as baseball bats, gloves, basketball, rings etc. become extraordinary instruments.

35 kids from a community called Los Salados accept Jesus into their hearts at the end of a sports outreach week

When the love of many extraordinary people works together then God is reveal is big ways.
Community members in the Bateys sign up to visit the doctor from a visiting medical team

When we Begin to know God for who he really is then ordinary is not a work that will have the same meaning anymore. Because God has chosen to do extraordinary things in our life.



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