February 14, 2013

One of the exciting things we wanted to update you on are how our roles are changing within the ministry. Alan and I both have some exciting news to share in these areas! (We'll share Alan's new role in our next blog update!) After returning to Vegas in October, I flew to Kentucky for our annual fundraising trip and to encourage our many partners in ministry in Kentucky and Tennessee. While I was in the G.O. Ministries office in Louisville I was asked to join the Leadership Team for the ministry.

I was incredibly humbled that they would ask me to step into this kind of role. Alan and I both agreed after much prayer, this was God's perfect timing. I now serve as the Executive Director of Teams. I am learning new things about this role everyday and am thankful to serve with an incredible group of people who teach me so much about grace, truth, forgiveness and love each and every day.

Will you pray for me in this new role? Pray that I follow the Lord's leading and that his direction would continually be ever so clear. Pray that his spirit would challenge and grow character that produces perseverance and faith. Pray for our ministry to boldly move forward to advance the Kingdom on the island of Hispaniola and beyond. Pray for our teams. We will have over 70 teams this year! (that's over 1300 individuals!) Pray for our staff and for our hearts to be aligned with him. Pray for unity. Ultimately, pray for the Lord to be glorified!


Executive Leadership Team, November 2012

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