October 14, 2016

Blessed To Be a Blessing

Almost a months ago I was blessed to spend the weekend getting to know these incredible women in this photo who are a part of Elvis' new church plant in a rural and impoverished community called San Francisco de Jacagua or more easily referred to as Los Cocos! The new church began as a Bible Study and just 2 and 1/2 months later there are now over 50 people in regular attendance. The people in this community are hungry and thirsty for the word as this is the only church in this community! 

Knowing the women's conference was approaching, Alan and I knew we wanted to help a couple of women be able to come to the conference and we were so glad we did. These women encouraged and inspired me. They are all on different parts of their journey to Christ- one woman Margarita (2nd from left) rededicated her life to Jesus at the conference. Praise Him! Coming to a weekend conference is a really difficult thing for women here in the DR- they don't have easy access to "babysitters" and many of their husbands are absent and wouldn't have any idea how to care for their kids. But these women jumped at the opportunity to come to the conference rounding up family members and neighbors to help care for the kids. They collectively left a total of over 15 kids to come to the conference! They had never been to anything like the women's conference before! 

I so look forward to knowing them better and serving with Elvis and Raysa in Los Cocos! Because of your faithful commitment to partnering with us you played a big part in these women being able to come to the conference! Thank you! Elvis and Raysa live by a very important Biblical principle "we are 'blessed to be a blessing." Thank you for joining us in living this way too! 

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