September 18, 2015

What Does it Mean to be a Good Man?

As I was teaching yesterday to one of our 13-14 years old groups from our baseball ministries, a class called Disciples 2, we were learning about the life of Jesus’s disciples before and after they met him. We happened to be talking about one of the disciples, and that scriptures and traditions mention him, being from Cana of Galilee. This happens to be the place were Jesus performed his first miracle according to the scriptures, the changing of water into wine. Was it real wine or something else?  I honestly don’t know and don’t care. What I really care about, is that Jesus was among Jews, and that Jewish’s traditions mentioned that when the messiah would come, he would had authority over all things, and creation itself would submit to him, what just happened in that case.

So one of the students, (who happen to be name Jesus), asked me the questions, “if Jesus was a good man, why did he make wine? Wine and alcohol are bad, what does it means then to be a good man?” Honestly that caught me out of guard, I was not expecting that one. So I ask him to wait till the last 10 minutes of the class and I will try to answer his questions. So when the time came, I ask him another question, told him that what you did in scriptures, you answered questions with questions, to which he smiled. I said, “is eating bad?” His answer was “no.” I responded “can food make you fat?” He said “if you eat more that you are supposed to,” I said “so it may be the same with drinking, alcohol and wine.” I said “you see, it means something else, what he said? That the problem is not wine or alcohol or food, it must mean then that we are the problem, and poor Jesus and poor creations that have to pay our wrongful deeds.”

So what does it means to be a good man? First it means that we have to recognize that we have a problem, one that could separate us from God for eternity. All of the students asked if we could take the last 10 minutes of every class to try to understand, according with the scriptures, what does it means to be a good man?

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