March 10, 2013

An Opportunity to Give

Dear Friends,
We are in need of a new vehicle. The one we currently have is not working properly. We've put way to much money in repairs and it no longer proves to be safe or reliable for our family. Last October, our car broke down and left Jackie and the girls stranded in the middle of the road, two hours away from Santiago.

We are looking at trading in our car and have found a place that will work with us and are extremely reputable! We want to buy a Honda Pilot or a Ford Explorer. The most important quality in the car is that it has a third row in it so it will serve us well in ministry. We are also getting a car that has never been driven in the Dominican Republic. This is important for several reasons! There is a business in the D.R. of breaking the odometer and turning it back so you never know how many miles/km are really on the vehicle. Sometimes papers are forged as well. With a vehicle coming from the states we know it won't have these problems!

We are in need of about $5,000 to purchase this vehicle for our family and would like to do so in the next couple of weeks!

Will you be willing to contribute to a vehicle for our family? You can do so right on our blog! There is a giving box on the right side of our blog or you can send in a check to the G.O. Ministries Stateside Office in Louisville, KY. Simply mark "Perez, car" in the memo line!

As always, thank you so much for your continued prayers and generous support!

Much peace,
Alan and Jackie

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