June 6, 2011

Oh the Love of Books! {an opportunity to give}

For our girls' first birthday we chose to do something a little different. Instead of gifts for Amelia and Stella we asked guests to consider making a contribution to a fund we would use to buy books in their name for kids in the DR and Haiti. 

Alan and I both love to read and hope to pass that love onto our girls. There is nothing quite like curling up on a rainy day with a good book. I love the smell of the print on the pages, the sound the paper makes as it turns... one after another. I love the feel of the book in my hand, the older the better. There is something timeless about a book. I love shopping for old books with fancy titles. I'll read almost anything. We have bought our girls many books. They are stocked up! They love to play with them (and especially chew on them!).  Soon we hope they will love to read them with us.

In Haiti they estimate only 52% of children over the age of 15 can read or write (87% in the DR). We hope these books will help little kids learn to read and have a love for it. We are so grateful for the beautiful gift and ability to read that God has given us. Many children all over the world have never even owned a book or perhaps seen a book. 

Help us change that! If you would like to donate towards Stella and Amelia's book fund for Hispaniola email me at jackie (dot) perez (at) go (dash) ministries (dot) org. We'll be ordering books soon... that's where the fun comes- choosing books! We've raised over $100 so far!

picture courtesy of: www.wolfeyebrows.files.wordpress.com
Stats courtesy of: www.cia.gov


  1. I didn't know that in some countries there are people, who cannot read or write...Thanks for a good article! I'll do everything I can!

  2. In the second case a child does not need words of parents about what they love and accept him. He just need attention. Nothing more.

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