November 30, 2010

Sports in the Bateys

Every year the Sports Ministry plans a mission trip of our own. Throughout the year North-Americans travel to my country to serve the people here, and all year long we are blessed by their service. This is our way to give back to our country. This year we went to Batey Nueve in Barahona.

prayer time in the Bateys

G.O. has been working in the Bateys for a long time and this was the first place we went to for our own mission trip in 2007 so it was awesome to return here after 3 years of being away.

Houses in the Bateys. The blue building is an outhouse. There are no indoor bathrooms
Sugar cane fields. many men find their work here

I have to say, I was a little nervous about leaving Jackie and the babies alone for 4 days, but I have learned that when God wants to teach us something He will provide the way to do it. My mother-in-law and father-in-law were here visiting us the week prior to the trip on vacation and watching the babies for us so we could be at our yearly staff retreat. Sheila offered to stay an extra week to help Jackie so I could be a part of the mission trip.

Our time in the Bateys was amazing. God really spoke to me about waiting and about living our lives honoring God and to really look and find His blessings which are all around us.

putting up nets at the court in Batey 9
We used sports as a tool to speak truth into the lives of the kids living in the Bateys. It is a great responsibility for us, to speak for those who cannot speak for themselves. To tell the story of the boy who sleeps on the floor at night, or the girl who eats once a day thanks to the G.O. Nutrition Center in Batey Nueve.  We can share God with them and let them know that even though they may have struggles now, they can have more in this life and God has a great plan for them. A plan that we can't even imagine, it's so big and only possible with God.

 Our team with kids from the camp

In my own life I realized that I must be more grateful to God for the many blessings He has given me and Jackie. We have been blessed to both be involved in raising and caring for our girls. I am going back to school full-time next year to finish my degree and will be working with short-term teams so I am trying to really enjoy these moments with my family before the busy season comes and to really thank God for each day He has given us with them!

Here's a short video of Alan teaching and leading the devotions for the sports team. Enjoy!


Jackie loves spending time with the people in the Bateys though it's been over 2 years since she's last been back.  You can read about her last visit to the bateys here, here, and here

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