August 17, 2009

Save a Sole Shoe Drive by CPC Youth

We are so exciting to pump up this shoe drive headed up by Brooke Jory and some youth who visited G.O. in the DR this summer. Brooke is from one of our supporting churches, Central Peninsula Church in the San Francisco bay area.

After the youth group left in June, I received an email from Brooke asking if she could do a shoe drive for the kids in the DR... She had seen many children living in an area called the Hole... literally the lowest point in Santiago; a garbage dump, home to over 600 families. Many children living without something as basic as a pair of shoes. 

A sweet little girl living in "The Hole"

Small children cross the destroyed bridge over the river through "The Hole"

a mother and her child approach the running river 

houses sit perched ready to fall at the next heavy rainfall

Weighing heavily on several members of CPC youth, they decided to put their faith in action, and now here we are with one week left in the drive and they have raised close to 500 pairs of shoes and expect that number to double! 

Alan and I are deeply encouraged by the CPC youth. They are putting their faith in action and taking a stand to make a difference in some incredibly impoverished areas! 

Brooke Jory loving on a little girl in "The Hole"

Mucha paz,
Alan and Jackie

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  1. hey perez couple! love the updates...we'll be praying for you all! hopefully people will enjoy rob's size 13 shoes!! miss you!
    missy and rob


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